A Breakthrough in Cancer Detection! 

We are developing a non-invasive, strip-based test to detect Pancreatic Cancer in the early stages using saliva.

Cancer Statistics

Kills more than 300K People annually

 7% Survival Rate - Lowest Among all major cancers.

 One of the hardest to detect in the early stages

What is Cancer-Ex?

We are using a Lateral Flow Assay based test, similar to a pregnancy test-strip, to detect the presence of a target biomarker in the saliva. This test will be inexpensive than other imaging tests such as MRI by a factor of 1000 and Blood tests for Pancreatic Cancer by a factor of 90 while being completely non-invasive.

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4

Proof of initial 



Validation of

False Indications CANCER-EX shows with other Cancers


Testing CANCER-EX on over 1000  study patients to obtain metrics

Obtaining the FDA/CDSCO Approval


“If I was not told that they were school students, from their proposal, I would have easily thought about these kids as some experienced professionals in some prestigious Medical Institute.” 

—  Dr. K.D Chavali, Sub-Dean, AIIMS, Raipur

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Cancer-EX, Ram Niketan, Opp. Bhavan School, Raipur, Chhattisgarh


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